Designing personalised spaces that tell your story

Your Bespoke Interior Design Studio

Sarah Chambers Interiors is your boutique destination for exquisite, bespoke interior design. Our London interior design studio caters exclusively to those who desire truly personalised living spaces.

With a focus on storytelling, functionality, and timeless elegance, we craft every detail to reflect your unique style and needs. Our goal is to provide an intimate, tailored experience, ensuring that each project is as distinct as you are.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases bespoke residential interiors seamlessly blending sophistication and functionality, ensuring enduring style.

Designing stylish homes that mirror your unique essence and enhance everyday living

At Sarah Chambers Interiors, we craft bespoke living spaces for discerning homeowners, blending artistic innovation and functionality because we are passionate about creating homes that reflect your essence and elevate daily life.
Our elegant, timeless, and thoughtful designs offer clarity and vision, helping clients appreciate the true worth of professional interior design and enjoy enduring, beautiful spaces. We embody trustworthiness, confidence, and creativity, ensuring we are your dedicated partner in transforming your design aspirations into reality.

Crafting Timeless Interiors

Sarah Chambers Interiors offers a bespoke interior design experience tailored to your unique vision and lifestyle. Our specialised studio excels in crafting personalised living spaces that blend functionality with timeless elegance. With services including interior design, procurement, styling, and design consultations, we guide you through every step of the design journey.

Kind Words

Meet Sarah Chambers

Originally from Dublin, I transitioned from the fast-paced trading floors of Lehman Brothers to follow my passion for interior design.

After training at Chelsea College of Art and Design and gaining experience at a leading London interior design studio, I established Sarah Chambers Interiors in 2015 with a mission to create timeless interiors that inspire admiration and evoke emotion, blending artistic innovation and functionality to elevate daily life

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